• MED
  • SMOOTH coat
  • 7 months
  • Male
  • Neutered
  • Walks on leash
  • Good with children
  • Shots are up to date
Special Needs: ONE EYE4

QUAZI, his Mother and Sister came from the boarder streets of Mexico, after several months of quarantine there they were released for adoption here in the US.  Quazi has been neutered, micro-chipped and up to date on shots.  He has been dewormed and reated for any kind of parasite he would get while on the streets of Mexico.

Quazi does have only one eye because he was attached by another dog and it also damaged his jaw for it is a little crooked.   But Quazi loves life and playing and just wants to be love.  He is a good sweet and caring dog.  He nay be small but her is big at heart.

Application and adoption fee required.

Please email us for an application and quazi can be seen at PETCO in Anaheim Hills on Satuday's from 130 to 5.


Thank you and remember


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