Available Dogs

There are many wonderful reasons to adopt a dog from a dog shelter or dog rescue. The first and best reason is that by adopting a dog you will be saving a life. Millions of loving and wonderful companion dogs are euthanized every year at dog shelters and dog pounds simply because there is not enough room or resources to care for them. By adopting a dog you will also decrease the demand to buy puppies at pet stores. The insatiable desire to buy pure bred puppies is frequently based upon misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge. Many people think that you can’t get a good dog at a dog shelter or that only pure bred dogs are worth having. Another wonderful reason to adopt is that not every family has the time for the demands of life with a new puppy. Like human babies, puppies need a good deal of nurturing, training and care that a fully grown, lovable mutt, won’t. An adopted adult dog may be fully ready for a new home, just needing your love and regular doggy care.